Transport cages for dogs

Klatki transportowe

Safe travelling by car refers not only to people. You must also remember about our four-legged passengers that must be provided with proper transport conditions. The best and most of all the safest solution as far as transport of dogs is concerned is Omega Animal & Sport transport cages.

Travelling by car is in many cases a really stressful experience for dogs. Thanks to transport cages animals have their own separated place in the car, comfortable even when the journey is long. Safety of that kind of transport is confirmed by ADAC tests. Also other passengers of the car can feel greater comfort of travelling, especially the driver, who can be sure that the animal won’t move around the vehicle and will not suddenly jump onto his lap.

Transport cages are not only safe, but also functional. They are easy to assemble and take out of the boot. Assembly does not require any special tools.

Such a solution also facilitates maintaining cleanliness in the car. Upholstery does not get dirty because it has no contact with animal fur. Cleaning the cage does not present any special difficulties, either.

Construction of Omega Animal & Sport cages is based on light anodized closed aluminium profiles and laminated waterproof plywood or light durable plastic. Individual components are not connected with rivets, but with durable metal connectors, which ensures cage stability and resistance even to prolonged vibrations.

Our cages are adapted to all types of cars. We customise their construction to individual boots or rooms. There is also an option to modify the look of the cage, in accordance with client’s suggestions. Bars may be mounted at the back and on the side, it is also possible to resign from them at all. We give you here absolutely free choice.

We produce single cages or cages for two animals, and we also build up cages within car boot for a larger number of dogs.

Transport cages is a solution both for professional breeders and exhibitors and for private individuals who travel by car with their four-legged pets. We also recommend them for emergency services and guides working with dogs.

Cages are ideal not only for transport, but also as a separated place for animals in shelters or hotels. Their functionality should also be appreciated by veterinary doctors. They can be used to furnish any space in veterinary clinics, which ensures order and safety in the clinic.