Counters and advertising rostrums

Lady reklamowe / wystawiennicze

Promotion, presentation, tasting cannot do without proper equipment. Basic elements include counters and advertising rostrums, used in shops, shopping malls, at conferences or fairs. Counters and advertising rostrums produced by Omega System are made on the basis of aluminium profiles and fillers made of PVC with advertising graphics.

They feature exceptional durability in comparison to similar products available on the market. These little portable stands can be assembled and disassembled easily, without tools, in a minute or two. It is possible thanks to their construction – profiles similar to hinges, that are light and can fit in a boot of an average car. Graphics can be replaced with new ones, in an easy and cheap way, to meet the requirements of next promotions and events.

Counters and advertising rostrums are complemented with ergonomic bags that protect construction during storage or transport.

Our offer includes several basic models in various sizes, we also make counters and advertising rostrums in accordance with designs suggested by clients or we design them on the ground of given instructions.

Our offer of products used for presentation is supplemented with tasting trays – light, handy and ergonomic. They are indispensable for hostesses serving at tasting and promotional events that include distribution of samples of product to potential customers.