Exposition walls

XXI century is the century of changes and innovations. Soon, commonplace museum and exhibition schemes shall be forgotten. They will be replaced with modern solutions giving a multitude of possibilities and making dynamic changes possible at a short time and with minimum effort.

Sets of exposition walls of Omega System are amongst the newest trends. They enable to display prints, posters, graphics and works of art, both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the walls, you will succeed not only in designing a perfect occasional exhibition or background for informative actions, but also in displaying properly works of art in museum rooms.

Universal character and professionalism – these are the main features of that system. Walls are equipped with accessories necessary for arrangement of exhibitions under various conditions and layouts. Different types of graphics mounting, connectors integrating modules into any shapes, extra lighting or stabilising bases are just some of the solutions that prove how multifunctional the modules are.

Reliable design simplicity makes the walls easy to use. Disassembly, re-arrangement or closing the exposition take no time at all and do not require great effort. All the equipment also includes covers protecting individual elements of the structure during transportation and from getting dirty when stored.

The whole concept is completed with the way of exposition walls finishing. They are made of durable material of the best quality. Concrete rings covered with eye-friendly cover plates made of plastic were used as bases. Aluminium profiles of frames are as a standard anodized to silver mat, they may be painted any colour, though, from the RAL palette, or anodized to brown, olive or black mat – in accordance with the Customer’s wish.

To meet Customers’ requirements, Omega System uses the best quality materials and creates unique constructions, in addition suggesting services related to graphics design and substantive preparation of exhibitions. That offer is complex, A to Z, whereas needs and requirements of our customers are treated as our basic reference point.


It’s time for multifunctional solutions! MULTI QUBE is a modern exhibition system that offers unlimited options of arrangement. Depending on the needs, it can be set up in any way. It is possible thanks to many accessories, which include:

  • various types of fillers in the form of boards, used as the carrier of the exposition and protection of displayed materials,

  • system of slings,

  • shelves,

  • internal and external lighting,

  • connectors,

  • all other elements, adapted to exhibitors’ needs.

Obviously all the parts of that system are fully compatible with other solutions offered by Omega System, in particular with QUBE exposition frames.

Omega QUBE Line walls

There is no system more form-efficient and at the same time as multi-functional as QUBE walls. One of their biggest advantages is application of b in their construction that are virtually invisible from the front. It makes all presented materials perfectly visible and nothing distracts the viewers’ attention.

QUBE walls may act as the background for graphics or pictures presented in frames or clip frames. But their main function is direct exposition of content – printed on foil as well as on fabric. The latter enables presentation of really huge formats, even such as 300 x 220 cm and bigger, on a uniform surface.

Special connectors enable to set QUBE frames in panel series placed in the straight line or at various angles. That solution is really useful when separating zones in a big exposition space or creating sightseeing routesin exhibitions. Arrangements made of frames may be unrestricted – it all really depends on the author’s invention.

The walls are equipped with additional internal lighting, giving the exposition a unique character. QUBE frames are excellent even at outdoor expositions.

Omega QUBE Line walls – outdoors

Omega QUBE Line system may be successfully employed for outdoor exhibition. Graphic art is then displayed on boards. Frames are connected in closed systems, providing stability of the display. The system may be equipped with lighting, which ensures presentation of the message both – day and night.

Omega ROUND Line

Expositions inside buildings will also make use of Omega ROUND Line walls. Their typical feature is application of round profiles, that make the exposition more elegant and chic.

Advertising and presentative elements may be installed on standard walls – with width of 70 or 100 cm, or other, adjusted to the requirements of each wall. The walls are excellent both as single exposition elements and modules composed of several panels connected in straight line or at an angle of 90 degrees. In each situation their stability may be increased with additional bases.

Omega ROUND Line – outdoor

Exhibitions organised outside buildings require special solutions. Omega ROUND system intended to be used outdoors meets their creators’ needs. Construction of those walls is strong and stable, placed on concrete bases, hidden with eye-friendly cover plates made of plastic.

Also those frames, as all others produced by Omega System, may be connected into groups, by fastening them in lines or at a straight angle and making closed arrangements, e.g. quadrangles. The most frequent way of exposition is placing screens, usually 70 x 100 cm or 100 x 100 cm, on them only in their upper part. Laminated print ensures greater durability of the materials. The walls may be additionally illuminated, therefore enabling presentation of the exhibition at different times of the day and even at night.

Despite the fact that frames are perfectly adjusted to functioning under various weather conditions, general safety rules must be always remembered and in case of strong winds or storms, the exhibition must be disassembled or at least sufficiently protected.

SUPER STABLE walls – outdoors

Outdoor exhibitions pose a great challenge. You must be prepared for variable weather conditions, but also for different types of ground. SUPER STABLE walls are equipped with four ballasting bases and a special system of supporting profiles, which together gives a really solid structure, even in case of large-format expositions.

Two screens with standard dimensions of 100 x 150 cm or 200 x 120 cm are stretched on the frames. There is an option to adapt them to the needs of the exhibitor. Due to their outdoor character, graphics are laminated and frame as such may be equipped with LED or halogen lighting.

It is essential to be extra careful in difficult weather conditions and secure the exhibition properly, and, if necessary, to disassemble it completely.


Screens are made of hardened glass 8 mm thick and placed from the top and the bottom in aluminium profiles. They may be presented individually or in complex systems. Upper profile is equipped with elements for hanging the exhibits.

Apart from the standard function, i.e. presentation of pictures or graphics, glass screens may also divide exhibition space, e.g. separating visitors from presented exhibits.

Omega ECO Line

Omega ECO Line exposition walls is a system that may be used inside buildings. They are made of light aluminium profiles, which makes their usage easier.

Panels may be placed individually, but they can also be connected, creating multi-element series in the shape of a poly-line, quadrangle or triangle. They resemble a fanfold – they are made of a profile similar to a hinge, may be placed at any angle, and also assembled and disassembled without the need for tools.

Standard screens are 70 or 100 cm wide, but their dimensions may be freely adjusted to individual needs. We also adapt the way of screens mounting on profiles to each individual exposition requirements. Both single and complex panels may be additionally strengthened by means of stabilising bases. And all of that aims at the best way of presenting graphics, pictures or posters to the viewer.


A simple museum room does not as such give many options how to diversify the exposition. It all changes when we have modern museum walls at disposal.

Those modules enable to make a free arrangement of the space inside buildings in a simple and almost effortless way. New walls are created in no time at all and they may be finished using traditional methods – you may put decorative plaster or paint.

The system is equipped with connectors that help to join the walls in any systems. The equipment also includes special cords with hooks at the end, which is necessary to hang pictures or paintings. Aluminium profile installed at the upper edge of the wall has hangers holding the exhibits. The system enables free adjustment of the position of presented objects – both horizontally and vertically. Exhibits may be installed on both sides of the wall.

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